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1 Month
100% Commitment
Better Results

1Focus is a community of people investing 30 days into doing only one significant thing that will improve their life.

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Do you want more from your life, but already feel like you’re doing too much?

Here's How It Works

1. Choose Your 1Focus

Choose 1 goal or habit for the month that you’ve struggled to commit to and get results from in the past. Some examples:

  • Meditating
  • Sales prospecting
  • Exercising
  • Reading
  • Daily Planning

2. Join The Community

Connect with others who are on this journey with you in our private Facebook group, where you can:

  • Share your progress
  • Get and give feedback
  • Connect with your accountability partner

3. Track Your Progress

Each month, you'll receive a PDF of our signature 1Focus Performance Scorecard, so you can rate and track your progress each day.

The scorecard also includes questions to answer throughout the month to help you assess your progress and clarify how you can make adjustments in order to achieve your goal.

4. Experience Results

If you write down your goal, you’re 39% more likely to achieve it.

If you then share it with others, you move up to 70%.

If you add the intensity and consistency for 30 days, it’s practically guaranteed.

Focus is a lost discipline.

And yet focus is the secret of super-achievers.

About Us

Pete Kohlasch

High Performance Coach

With an incessant focus on high performance training and mindset mastery, Pete dedicates his life to challenging and inspiring others to live into the best version of themselves. Pete’s focus is on creating the most innovative, impactful and transformative growth experiences for his clients and fans.

Tony Hill


Tony is a tech entrepreneur with a tremendous passion for new technologies, personal growth and connecting people into meaningful community. His life’s purpose is to use his passions and gifts to grow into the highest version of himself and to inspire others to do the same.