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Optimal Health Plan provides you with a personalized, straightforward approach that makes health progress incredibly easy, manageable, and surprisingly simple to sustain.

  • Enjoy and relish in the feeling of having complete CLARITY about where you are now and where you want to be healthwise.
  • Quickly and easily gain the CONFIDENCE you have been lacking in regard to your personal health goals.
  • Flourish and thrive in the support from our COMMUNITY of folks that are also working toward a healthier lifestyle.


Cut through the noise to find the health plan that will finally work for you.

Hear what other OHP community members have to say:

"I like hearing about other people's experiences....struggles, challenges, triumphs and successes. It reminds me that we are all in transition."

Giovanna B.

"I enjoy the "virtual support group" of OHP. What's helpful is the generation of ideas from everyone; whether it's a smoothie recipe, video, article, or a new book, it is all useful information."

Fred J. 

"Participating in Optimal Health Plan, I feel motivated by the camaraderie to stretch myself and get back on track with my health goals. Being focused brings balance and activity into the forefront of my mind. "

Debby K.

"I enjoy reading others post and seeing their progress. Seeing others consistently posting motivates me to do some of my own as I was shy about it before. Great sense of contribution and growth. Both are fulfilling!"

Brian H.

"I have been more motivated to work on my Health and Fitness goals since getting started with OHP. Since joining, I've starting working on training for the Iron Girl (2017/18) and have consistently been eating healthier. Thanks to everyone here for the motivation and inspiration!"

Beth B.

"I enjoy the community of the group where each of us, though we never met, are brought together with a common goal in mind. There is encouragement through out, no matter what level and no matter what shape we are in. It actually makes me aware that I need to step up my health game."

Tony M.

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