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Life Transformation | Mindset Mastery

A transformational personal growth program guaranteeing higher performance and greater life fulfillment. Boost your level of energy, enthusiasm, productivity and fulfillment through mindset development and achievement based coaching. The journey meets you where you are, helps you to become clear on where you want to go and then helps you build the strategy, systems, social architecture, mindset and lifestyle that will help you get there!

Personal Guarantee 

Either you love it or you don't pay a dime. I know how impactful this experience will be for you and I know you'll love it! My desire is to make this as much of a 'can't miss' opportunity as I can. Go through the first 3 sessions and if you're not feeling immediately excited about the blueprint we're building I will refund your money in full.

(By the way...I've never had a refund request!)

Companion Promotion

Sign up for Personal Accelerator Blueprint and invite a friend, family member, or stranger to join you FOR FREE! When people go through a significant growth experience in their lives the first thing they typically want to do is bring someone that they care about with them. Here's your invitation to do just that! 

Unlimited Access

All sessions for Personal Accelerator Blueprint will be LIVE! But, in the event you:

- Miss a session

- Want to re-watch a session

- Or want to go back through the training sometime in the future

You will have a username and password that will grant you unlimited access to the this training!

Private Facebook Group

A way to connect with other like minds, going through the same journey as you. An online growth community, sharing ideas, thoughts, tools and resources that are essential for an abundant life. I will be in our group daily answering questions and sharing highlights from each session.

World-Class Strategist Planner

Separate yourself in a crowded marketplace with the quarterly planner that equips you to win. Developed and created by a High Performance Coach & Life Strategist, the World-Class Strategist planner will radically improve your ability to manage your time, structure your schedule and explode your productivity.

BONUS LinkedIn Training

Enjoy bonus training on LinkedIn with LinkedIn Evangelist, Mike Shelah. "Many business professionals assume that LinkedIn is just a networking site for job hunters and recruiters, and as a result, miss out on the broader benefits of the platform. ... LinkedIn's many benefits as a social platform make the site a vital part of any business' web strategy and social media presence." (Social Media Today) Learn from one of the best how to make LinkedIn work for you.

Private Mastermind

Once we've completed the Personal Accelerator Blueprint journey, enjoy a seat at our private mastermind. This is  unique opportunity to connect and engage with the individuals who have gone through the identical journey as you. See what has worked for them, see how they're using the tools, techniques, strategy and systems in their businesses and their lives, and ask questions so that you feel confident you have a blueprint that is perfect for you.

Hear From Other Achievers...

"I've never been a morning person but am now waking up with a sense of purpose and intention. I'm not dreading it at all and it feels great! I have felt and been more productive in all aspects. Hard to believe how different I feel in such a short period of time. I've gotten more out of three sessions working with Pete than a year working with my business coach."

-Mark S.

"What a difference this has made in my life! I see through a completely different lens with much greater clarity, abundance, and perspective. I’ve never had greater balance in my life and this is only the beginning! I am still implementing the habits and rituals I have picked up using his program. If you are looking for serious High Performance Training and Mindset Mastery, and are in total pursuit of growth, look no further!"

-Colleen R.

"Whether it’s more progress, success, money, health, clarity, strategy productivity, personal growth, better relationships, happiness, etc.. Pete is your guide. When you’re done working with him, you’ll walk away changed on the inside, ready to take on anything on the outside. You’ll be mentally prepared for the journey ahead, armed with the tools you’ll need along the way and a personal map that shows you how to get there. This is the most concrete, specific and intentional I've ever felt about the direction of my life!"

-Tony H.

"I started working with an amazing coach who has so much faith in me that I can't help but have it for myself. It's almost shocking to have someone that is so in your corner!" 

-Beth B.

"Words do not truly express how working with Pete has helped transform my life for the better. It provided guidance, encouragement, a plan and has helped me to be happier than I've been in a very long time. It has showed me how to do much more with the time I have. I am way more productive and feel much better about my accomplishments." 

-Mike S.

"You and your work have been SO instrumental in opening me to growth and possibility. I cannot begin to thank you for your love, support, encouragement...and everything! Because of my time with you this year, I've gotten more clarity, found my tribe, and become more confident that I can make an impact in this world. Because of YOUR impact, I've found my why and the feeling is indescribable. You are a gift to me and to this world."!" 

-Debby K.

"I wanted to reach out and thank you...I am dominating my space and starting to see separation from my peers."

-Scott C.

"Whether the success you seek is big or small, personal or professional, Pete will help you achieve it and be the first person you want to tell after. He will also be the first one to tell you he knew you could do it all along. Anything is possible when you work with Pete. I truly believe that - no bullshit or fluff."

-Michelle M.

"Pete is amazing at what he does and his positivity is contagious! I’ve come a long way in a short time and he has played a huge part in that success. I’m really starting to cut through things that tripped me up for years. He helped me to get my habits working for me instead of against me, which is something I’ve wanted for so long. He helped me to kick conventional to the curb and was able to customize what he does so well to serve me."  

-Giovanna B.

“Pete gave me the clarity and confidence to follow my dreams, to get in touch with and live my purpose, and to just plain GO FOR IT! He has an uncanny knack of asking the right (great) questions that elicit the right answers. I would not be where I am and have this much confidence if it wasn’t for Pete Kohlasch.”

-Ed N.